Non-Zero Reaches Milestone, Assigns 25% Bonus Through November

The company’s development plan is on pace with the beginning of process testing at its first adopting broker. It is setting a conservative approach to fundraising, with the first tranche of issuance limited to the amount of spending expected by its first adopting broker.

The leading brokerage industry transformer, Non-Zero, has begun its process testing with its first adopting broker, Amana Capital. The program is expected to last through the end of the year.

With growing interest for adoption by several brokerage industry participants, especially in light of the industry’s need for innovative tools, Non-Zero is focused on providing seamless adoption, usage and support.

The company’s confidence in its value add is reflected in its delivery plans, which are on track for launch with adopting usage unrelated to speculative crypto-market conditions.

To reinforce its confidence in the value of the platform, Non-Zero is conservatively limiting the first tranche of fundraising to the amount expected to be spent on the platform in one year by one adopting broker.

In a further nod to crypto-market token holders, it is also extending its 25% bonus to the end of November and opening the crowd sale to the end of March, with the option to close earlier if market conditions are favourable.

The company is expecting to announce further milestones in the coming weeks, including an expanded blockchain development program with key new partners.

With the company maintaining the option to close the token sale early, the 25% bonus will only be available for early participation in the token sale.

We’ve exceeded 30,000 Followers on Telegram!

The massive community response to Non-Zero is continuing to build up momentum.

In less than one month, Non-Zero’s Telegram community has hit a massive milestone. Our company now has over 30,000 followers on Telegram. We are also massively successful across other social media channels with over 12,100 fans on Facebook, 19,700 followers on Twitter and 18,400 subscribers on YouTube.

Non-Zero’s Brokerage Business Model for the 21st Century

After the unveiling of the product earlier this summer, Non-Zero delves into details

Non-Zero has been all over the news in recent weeks after it announced the launch of its brand new product. The company’s goal to revolutionise the brokerage industry has started in April this year. A tailor-made solution for foreign exchange and CFDs brokers that enables the firms to redistribute their gains from internalising trades back to clients is a revolution waiting to happen.

Top Industry Professionals Join Non-Zero to Revolutionise the Brokerage Industry

Tech talent combined with solid managerial experience is the recipe for success of Non-Zero

In a rapidly evolving retail brokerage industry, Non-Zero ( is one of the companies with true potential to disrupt a long-standing business model. Market making brokers have been dominating the market for many years but recent regulatory changes are opening the door for new approach.